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VoteWexit.com was established to provide updates and insight on the progress of the Wexit movement and Wexit party registrations throughout Western Canada as well as to promote Western Independence through varying forms of media.

VoteWexit.com's platforms include a Facebook Group of 262,000+ members, an email subscriber list of 40,000+, and a growing YouTube channel. VoteWexit.com continues to expand its media channels to maximize the exposure and reach of the Wexit movement.

Where It All Began.

In February/March of 2019, Alberta Fights Back & Prairie Freedom Movement collaborated on 3 billboard campaigns throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba asking if they should leave Canada. These billboards mark the beginning of what is now VoteWexit.com

VoteWexit laid the digital groundwork mainstreaming the term 'WEXIT' leading up to the federal election.

After the re-election of Justin Trudeau, our VoteWexit.com Facebook Page surged from 2,000 members to 260,000+ members.

Those of us at VoteWexit.com are always coming up with new ways to gain further exposure for WEXIT.

At the end of 2019, we launched Red River Podcast, hosted by Peter Downing. Through informative discussion, Red River Podcast has been able to showcase why an independent West would be better off.

VoteWexit.com has also recently launched a YouTube channel, hosted by Eric Wall. By pulling information into one place, it is the aim of this YouTube channel to paint the bigger picture and provide insight that mainstream media won't discuss.

VoteWexit.com has put on numerous WEXIT events pre/post-election.

After the re-election of Justin Trudeau, VoteWexit.com's rallies had attendance in the thousands. WEXIT supporters have travelled across the country and braved the frigid cold to show their support for Western Independence. Today, with the looming threat of government promoted communism it can be more urgent that we continue to fight for sovereignty.


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